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We want more students to know about carbon capture and storage! This page provides a selection of do-it-yourself activities that will grab
the attention of children and adults alike, and can be modified for use with a variety of groups.

ALL activities are targeted to 5th-8th grade learner, and are useful for chemistry and earth science focused classes. All activities use easily-available and inexpensive supplies that you can find at any hardware store.

Chemistry of Burning

In this demonstration, we review basic chemistry to realize that producing CO₂ is an inevitable waste product of burning any fossil fuel. 

Imagining Visible CO₂ Gas

Because it is sometimes difficult to imagine the amount of CO₂ in the atmosphere, this demonstration makes it easier to visualize gas as solid carbon.

What is the Greenhouse Gas Effect?

This visual analogy provides a way to think about the atmospheric physics of greenhouse gases in terms of familiar objects.

CO₂ Is a Gas

Because dry ice is frozen CO₂, we can use it to explain the greenhouse gas effect. These experiments use introductory physics and chemistry to examine properties of gases.

Reservoir in a Jar

This model allows people to see how CO₂ could be stored underground in pores in the rock and how it is trapped by reservoir seals.

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