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Get the facts on CO₂ and its mitigation.

What the heck is geological sequestration?

Straight from some of the world's leading researchers in the field, this website was created as a one-stop-shop for students, teachers, and anyone else who wants an introduction to carbon capture and storage (CCS), a greenhouse gas mitigation technology.

Carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration, or CCUS — also known as geological sequestration, carbon storage, or CCS — refers to the process of taking carbon dioxide and storing it far underground so that  it does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Because carbon dioxide contributes towards climate change, removing the gas from emissions is essential to protecting the future of our planet.


If you're interested in learning more, stick around! We have lots of information about everything that goes into CCS. Check out our videos below to get an introduction to geologic storage of carbon!

Capturing and Storing Carbon Dioxide (CO₂)

All your questions about carbon storage, answered.

Meet the people spearheading research in carbon sequestration.

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