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Q: How far underground will you store CO2?

A. Really far.

The geologic reservoirs where CO2 will be stored are nearly a mile below the surface. That’s really deep. To give you some perspective, a mile is:

5,280 feet


1.6 kilometers


the height of 34 Statues of Liberty stacked on top of each other


over 500 times deeper than an average swimming pool


roughly half the width of Manhattan

keep going . . .


Dr. Susan Hovorka
of the Gulf Coast Carbon Center approved this FAQ.



Just how geologists determine what geological formations are best for storing carbon dioxide is an area of active research. The Gulf Coast Carbon Center has developed an atlas of geological formations that have the proper characteristics for carbon storage. Click the icon left to link to the atlas.


For a visual representation of how far down CO2 is stored, take a long scroll down this webpage developed by the Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium.



For more on state changes in carbon dioxide, including its supercritical or dense phase, click the icon at the left.



A monitoring program was recently concluded the SACROC oil field in west Texas where carbon dioxide has been injected since the 1970's to retrieve oil from mature fields. The tesing showed no effects on freshwater after 35 years of carbon dioxide injection. This is reassurance that the injection was performed in a manner that effectively isolated carbon dioxide from water reservoirs. Click on the icon at the left to read more.